Maria Randima. Educated photographer from Viborg Media School

For me photographing is a lifestyle – my work is my hobby. I love the challenge in every single photography and I strive to become better every day. Getting a photography to show emotions means the world to me. It is especially important that the customer is satisfied and is pleased with the result. I strive to create a relaxed atmosphere while doing the photographing.

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in portrait, press and commercial pictures. This makes me a perfect candidate for photographing your work environment or pictures of coworkers, family etc. If you want to improve the appearance of your company, create memories from your family etc, then I’m here for you!

  • Born in 1989
  • 2010 – 2011: Basic course for photographers at Viborg Media School
  • 2011: Winner of the Worldwide Photo Walk Aarhus
  • 2013: Photo student – Aarhus University – AU Foto
  • 2013: Photographer HF1 Viborg Media School
  • 2015: Photographer HF2 Viborg Media School
  • 2015: Cykelmagasinet – Italy. Grand Fondo Stelvio Santani
  • 2015: Excalicare Children´s Organisation.
  • 2016: Photographer HF3 Viborg Media School
  • 2017: Photographer HF4 Viborg Media School
  • 2017: Educated photographer from Viborg Media School
  • 2019: Naturhistorisk museum
  • 2022: Dansk Skolefoto
  • Contact:
  • Industry:  Portrait, Reportage, Still life, Architure, Celebration, Travel